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An exploration of self identity. §

The PEEL project and training programme works with groups of young people, and uses photography and poetry to help them explore their identity and who they are rather than just focusing on what they look like.

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Mary Barbosa-Jerez Jason Clark-Dahlof Kramme Laura Landini Dan Franklin

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A book comprising of 30 studies, each with their own unique poem and photographic portrait. Containing the latest statistics and finished with peregrina gold paper.

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Photo of the PEEL book

Trying to establish a true identity has never been harder for young people.

Social media, self-expression and self-identity present growing problems for young people, and there is growing evidence that this pressure is contributing more and more to mental health issues. Trying to establish a true identity, whilst finding themselves within a ‘selfie’ culture of carefully curated Facebook and Instagram lives, has never been harder.

21% of children today regularly play outside, compared with 71% of thier parents’ generation.